Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Philippine made Armored Security and Escort Vehicle (SEAV) prototype under test and evaluation by RDC-ASCOM


QUEZON CITY, Philippines--A Philippine made Armored Security and Escort Vehicle prototype is now under evaluation by Research and Development Center-ASCOM. An armored car manufacturer for banks won the bid for PA's armored escort vehicle requirement.


The SEAV is armed with .50 caliber machine gun and has an armor that can withstand high caliber guns and grenade launchers. This armored vehicle will serve as escort for our troops to protect them from ambushes during their patrol along hostile places.

This version of Security & Escort Armored Vehicle has certain improvements and modifications which was learned from former MX8 prototype popularly known as "MX8 Barako" test and evaluations.


The SEAV protoype is currently on the process of LTO Registration. To be turned-over to ASCOM for proper disposition.


  1. sir i got my concept design of LAV
    for philippine army

  2. sorry for my comment. yah you got a great design. but for me its's not that kind of world class design. the edges the front the sides. they were meant to be not match. but SEAV mx8 barako. got a stealthy design. and its good sir. i kudos to MX-8 barako. its 7 to 10%

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