Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1'st BRAND NEW FRIGATE for the Philippine Navy expected to arrive in 2017

CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City Philippines- Department of National Defense (DND) is expecting the delivery of 1 of 2 brand new warships to be acquired by Philippine Navy (PN) come 2017.

DND's Bids and Award Committee (BOC) is hoping that the bidding process for the country's two medium sized warships to resume this coming March.

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According to DND Undersecretary Fernando Manalo, the workshops of the Technical Working Groups for the bidding companies were already scheduled until April this year for the specifications of the frigate.

  "Hopefully, our agreement is by May 31 the bidding process should be finished and if it is possible, by that time we have the contract already. So that it is only the building time of the frigates that we will be waiting." He said.

If the target schedule pushes through, Philippine Navy will acquire the first ship in 2017. Because it will take 3 years to build a frigate.

Usec Manalo said that 18 billion pesos were allotted for the purchase of the country's two brand new warships. To ensure it's technical specifications, they will hire consultants for 25 millions pesos.

 "Our Navy's experience or exposure on the ship's technology were limited. The project will cost the government at least 18 billion, 25 million is a small sum...we will not regret the 25 million that we will be paying to the consultants to ensure that the technical specifications that we want will be followed." He explained.

DND is not yet certain if the consultants that they will be hiring will come from local or foreign countries.

Meanwhile, DND's plan to acquire sea planes for the Philippine Air force (PAF) is now a go.

Acording to Usec Manalo, sea plane is a vital asset considering that the Philippines is an archipelago. Based on the country's experience to typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), such plane is needed to further enhance PAF's capability to deliver supplies.

 "It's for the Malampaya and other service contract of the DOE. And it's for our country, for the people." He said

--with Victor Cosare- UNTV Correspondent

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