Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to get more Air and Water Assets in the coming years

QUEZON CITY Philippines- Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is expecting new air assets and water-crafts come 2015 to be used in safeguarding the Philippine territorial waters. 

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin stated that the negotiation with their South Korean counterpart regarding the purchase of jets is still ongoing and they are expecting the delivery in 2015.

  "We have already submitted the recommendation to the President for his approval. It has something to do with payment scheme" he said.

Secretary Gazmin also said that in the coming years, more air assets and water-crafts are to be purchased  to bolster AFP's capability to monitor and safeguard Philippine territorial boundaries.

 "Our Modernization program for territorial defense is ongoing, like the purchase of air and water assets for us to have the capability to be able to patrol and secure our national territory". said Gazmin.

Sec. Gazmin also added that as of today, they have not monitored any illegal intrusions of China's Naval vessels and aircraft in our territorials waters.

He also said that the decision of United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS) regarding our arbitration case filed againts China is still pending.

 "It is important that we resolve that, so that we will have the personality that we really own it (disputed islands). We will show the world the we own it" He reiterated.

Meanwhile, in the annual New Year's call of Defense Department and Armed Forces of the Philippines. DND sees 2013 as a challenging year because of Zamboanga Siege, Earthquake in Bohol and the onslaught of super typhoon "Yolanda" (Haiyan).

According to the Defense Secretary, the lessons learned from past calamities will serve as a guide for the AFP in order to further enhance it's capability to address such situations in case in happens again in the future.

 "In spite of all these. With the limited resources that we have, we were able to address these challenges and we continue to push forward and  "heads high" that we can do this" He said.

-with Victor Cosare- UNTV Correspondent-

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