Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BRP Alcaraz enters month long dry-docking period

BRP Alcaraz with her sister ship BRP Del Pilar while docked at Alava Wharf in Subic-- Photos from AFP Modernization Insiders FB page.
MANILA, Philippines- Navy's newly acquired Hamilton Class Cutter entered dry-docking procedure for maintenance, repaint and refit. Alcaraz entered dry dock last friday August 16, 2013 on an undisclosed shipyard somewhere in Batangas where some international vessels undergo repair.

Alcaraz will be painted hazed gray, a standard color scheme for PN vessels. She was also scheduled to be fitted with a new hydraulics, gaskets, piping system, and bearings.

Two 25mm Mark 38 Mod 2 "Bushmasters" auto cannon and four to six light machine guns will be fitted on-board Alcaraz for it's defense against threats.

Bow of sisters BRP Gregoryo Del Pilar (right) and BRP Ramon Alcaraz (left) moored together @ Subic
"This is part of our upgrade capability . It has naval guns, but for it to perform its job we’re looking at providing it with greater capabilities," Alano said in an interview.

BRP Ramon Alcaraz is scheduled to be commissioned in October and is expected to patrol West Philippine Sea to assert Philippines right to the disputed resource rich islands.

BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF16) and BRP Gregoryo Del Pilar (PF15) moored @ Subic, Zambales
President Benigno Aquino III is expected to lead Alcaraz's commissioning, as he did with BRP Gregoryo Del Pilar depending on his schedule.

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