Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Elbit Systems won the P439-m Towed Artillery Deal for the Philippine Army

QUEZON CITY, Philippines-- Elbit Systems Land and G4I was said to have won DND's bid for the supply of 12 155mm howitzers and ammunition for P438,620,000 for the Philippine Army.

Pre-Bidding conference started last November 22,2013 and the  bidding proper started last December 05, 2013.

DND's invitation letter for the procurement of  (12) 155mm Howitzers for Philippine Army

DND's Bids and Award Commitee (BAC), led by Assistant Secretary Efren Fernandez, initially considered Elbit Systems Land and C4I as the winning bidder.

In an interview with Manila Standard Today to some Defense insiders who spoke on condition of anonymity said they noted possible irregularities in the bidding process

 “Just to beat the deadline.” “The bidding process was very fast,” one insider said.

 “Elbit’s documents were problematic. The Technical Working Group’s supplemental documents were chaotic.” another added

However, in a phone interview with Asec Fernando Manalo, Defense undersecretary for Finance, Munitions, Installations and Material, could not immediately give a comment on the matter.

 “I’m sorry I have no information yet about the progress of the bidding. I have to consult first the chairman of the BAC,” Manalo said.

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DND was said to have been rushing some "Big ticket items" essential for the Military upgrade involving P75 Billion pesos approved by President Benigno Aquino III in his bid to modernize our Armed Forces. They are said to be finishing all the projects until December, 2013 to meet the deadline, else the budget reverts back to the National Treasury.

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