Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Philippine Navy's Multi-Purpose Attack Craft or MPAC led the rescue efforts in Cebu

August 18, 2013- Philippine Navy's MPAC led the rescue efforts of the passengers of the ill-fated MV St. Thomas Aquinas owned by 2Go Shipping Company.

MV St. Thomas Aquinas collided with Sulpicio Express 7 in Cebu which resulted to more than 100 casualties (updated).

The MPAC or Multipurpose Attack Craft is designed by PROPMECH, an all Filipino company based in Subic. 

First batch (3) of these vessels (MK1) were built in Taiwan and the second batch (3) (MK2) were built locally by our finest shipbuilders.

MPAC's first "baptism of fire" was last May 12, 2010 elections in Basilan where it was used to extract PCOS machines under heavy mortar fire from the rouge MILF rebels attempting to sabotage the election. 

No less than  President Benigno Aquino III mentioned this craft on one of his SONA speeches.

 "With the acquisition of more MPACs our Navy will have more impact" said the president

Philippine Navy is now in the process of acquiring 3 more MPACs.

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