Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Philippine Scout Rangers from Negros flew in Zamboanga as standby contingency force

Philippine Army Scout Rangers--Photo from
La Carlota City, Philippines-- First, second and third Scout Ranger Companies composed of 250 soldiers flew in Zamboanga from La Carlota City aboard Air Force's C130 plane to augment government forces battling the splinter group of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) who are holed in several barangays in the city.

Lt. Col. Oriel Pangcog, commander of the 1st Scout Ranger Battalion said that he received the orders for his unit’s deployment to Mindanao Monday night.
"We will be there as standby contingency force for any eventuality," Pangcog said
He stressed that the move will not create any lapses in Internal Security Operations because their group is a striking force which can be deployed anytime at any area where they are needed.

Pangcog also said that it will not jeopardize HQ's defense because, a skeletal force of the Battalion was left behind to watch over their headquarters based in La Carlota City while other command posts were manned by other military units under the 302nd Brigade.

Lt. Col. Oriel Pangcog said that he is optimistic that the situation will not last long and he believes that there will be no spill over of the Zamboanga crisis as far as Negros is concerned because MNLF has no followers in Negros although there are Muslim communities in the province.

1st SRB will be pulled back to Negros as soon as the situation in Zamboanga stabilizes.

Meanwhile, Philippine Navy had also sent it's elite team (NAVSOG- PH Navy Seals) with scores of  Fast Patrol Gunboats, Diesel Fast Crafts, RHIBs and Multipurpose Attack Crafts or MPAC.

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NAVSOG Special Boat Team
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