Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Seven companies submitted bids for 2 BRAND NEW FRIGATES for Philippine Navy

QUEZON CITY, Philippines- Department of National Defense (DND) opened the bids of seven companies for the purchase of the two brand new Frigates for the Philippine Navy (PN) amounting to the sum of 18 billion pesos.

Out of 14 companies who bought bidding documents, only seven of them submitted bid requirements for the acquisition.

According to DND, PN will have bigger savings from buying a brand new frigate relative to the maintenance of second-hand warships. 

The frigates will be of great help for the navy in securing our nation's maritime domain.

"They will be deployed in our 200 miles Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) the West Philippine Sea including Benham Rise on the east side of the Philippines." Said Navy spokesman LT. CMDR. GREGORY FABIC 

The new frigates can sail for 30 days non-stop; thus enabling her to cover vast area of our territorials waters and can carry one naval helicopter.

"It can house atleast 1 helicopter, atleast 30 days at sea. The base armament, main gun and supporting armaments. These two frigates will be the latest addition to our minimum credible defense posture. Sooner or later we will aquire more frigates." added Fabic

Based on the requirements of DND, the frigates should be delivered 1,460 calendar days upon submission of letter of credit.

DND stressed that they will strictly follow the procurement law for the acquisition of the two brand new frigates.

Philippine Navy recently acquired two Hamilton Class Cutters named BRP Gregorio Del Pilar (PF 15) and BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF16) from US Coastguard as an addition to our country's "Blue Water Naval Assets".

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