Thursday, March 12, 2015

Philippine Air Force Conducts Media Demonstration of Newly Acquired Huey UH-1D

Villamor Airbase, Pasay City- Philippine Air force (PAF) showed some of the newly acquired helicopters to the media that was previously reported as defective.

PAF have decided to explain to media the controversy which circulated lately that allegedly the helicopters purchased by the Department of National Defense were defectives.

2 Huey helicopters model UH-1D included in the 7 delivered and received by the PAF landed in the Villamor Airbase this morning to be exhibited to media.

Philippine Air force firmly stated that there is no truth to the report that the helicopters are defective. They said that the news that this model is no longer used by the military in other countries because of unavailability of the spare parts is erroneous.

"Their parts are not obsolete and available in the market just like the parts for the existing fleet the UH 1H that we have in the Philippine Air force" said Lt. Col. Enrico Canaya- Director, Philippine Air force-PIO

At the moment, PAF is maintaining 20 helicopters and they intend to purchase another 21 new helicopters.

Lt. Col. Canaya stated, the additional air assets will be used to different missions like in combat operations, humanitarian assistance, disaster response and not just for training operations

The Air force cited one by one the technical capabilities of the new helicopters and averred that these are compatible to the various missions in the country.

Major Aristides Galang, a test pilot, confirmed that he was one of those who tested and made an endurance flights of the delivered and accepted helicopters.

He said, the existence of discrepancy is not an issue because it is but normal to an aircraft to have that whether new or old.

He added, compared to the previous helicopters, Huey UH-1D helicopters are better.

  “I tried this, it is better power wise, i still have more reserve power, for me to use this..its pull is stronger, its lift is more secure” said Maj. Aristedes Galang.

Before these helicopters were admitted, it passed through a strict inspection and procedure conducted by the technical and acceptance committee of the Philippine Air force.

Philippine Air force insisted that they will not accept any aircraft which will cause their personnel to perish.

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