Monday, July 6, 2015

Philippine Air Force Modernization Program Shall Continue Under the Flight Plan 2028

PAMPANGA, Philippines — Trainer aircrafts, OV-10 broncos, Nomad N-22, Fokker F -27, C130 at C295 cargo aircrafts and combat utility helicopters.

These are just some of the assets of the Philippine Air Force flown during its 68th anniversary at Clark, Pampanga last Wednesday morning.

Part of the celebration is honoring the chosen officers of the PAF.

According to president Benigno Aquino, many projects under the modernization program of the administration were already realized. 

 “So advancing the modernization in AFP continues, in five years only we were able to complete 55 projects under the modernization program. We have surpassed the combined total of 45 projects completed by the past 3 administrations". Said the president.

A few of the anticipated new assets arriving this year are 2 units of CASA C-295 medium lift transports, 2 units of Bell 412 combat utility helicopters and 2 units of FA50 fighter jets bought from South Korea.
Photo from: KAI Facebook Page
  “In June, the first FA50 unit that we acquired successfully accomplished its maiden flight. These fighter jets will soon take off in our own airbase, and are expected to boost our capacity to protect our territory". President added.

FA-50PH's maiden flight took place on June 19 after the Philippines has signed a contract for 12 KAI FA-50 fighter aircraft in March last year. Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. (KAI) said that they will do their best to deliver initial 2 aircraft by the end of this year.
Photo from: KAI Facebook Page
The president said that although this is his last visit in the anniversary of the air force, he assures that the modernization program of the government shall continue with the PAF flight plan 2028. 

  "We are pushing for PAF flight plan 2028 for the extensive transformation of your organization. I want to emphasize that this initiative covers three administrations. There are only 365 days left in my administration; it means if we want to see the success of this plan, we need to continue supporting the side of the straight path". Said the president.

In the said 14-year development plan of the Department of National Defense and Armed Forces of the Philippines, the government has laid out the initiatives and programs on the continuation of the reforms that administration has already started.

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