Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Manila Bay declared ‘no sail zone’ for APEC-2015

The Philippine Coast Guard deploy its floating assets in Manila Bay for the APEC summit.

The PCG will implement a no sail zone in Manila Bay starting today until November 23, all kind of vessel will not be allowed 30 yards from the shoreline, an exclusion zone will also be implemented that will cover 2 nautical miles from the shoreline to seaward from the Pasig River up to Parañaque City.

All ship owners who wants to berth to other place must ask permission to the PCG while all domestic and international vessel that will berth inside the no sail zone will be escorted by the PCG.

"When we speak of exclusion zone we are referring to an area wherein we will not allow a vessel to sail except of they ask a permission before hand we may be able to provide permit, provided when we allow them to sail we will provide escort and Sea Marshall on board" said PCG-NCR Chief Commodore Joel Garcia.

Moreover, the PCG put the Pasig River under heightened alert to inspect bridges and informal settlers dwelling near the river.

70 floating asset that consist of the Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Navy, PNP Maritime Group and Bureau of Customs are deployed to apprehend violators.The PCG also alerted all its stations in Visayas and Mindanao to monitor any possible threats and suspicious persons.

PCG said, operation of domestic ships that will dock to north harbor  will not be affected.

"If you referring to domestic vessel coming from ports of Visayas and Mindanao going to North Harbor I don't think they'll be affected because North Harbor is in the northern side of the Pasig River and it's not included in the exclusion zone" said Commodore Garcia.

The PCG calls on all trader and shipper that uses the port to understand that all of this are measures to secure all APEC delegates.

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