Sunday, June 19, 2016

Philippine Army Artillery Regiment held a weapon exhibit on it's 9th founding anniversary


The Armed Forces of the Philippines has showed off a variety of weapons during the artillery weapon exhibit coinciding with the 9th founding anniversary of the Army Artillery Regiment at Fort Ramon Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija.

It also highlighted the latest artillery rocket and ground base air defense system from various countries.

Mr. Kim Kwan Soo, team operating technician from South Korea explains about their high tech artillery locating radar.

"This radar can detect the shell and we calculate the fly path, so it can find out the location of the enemy firing position. That is why we called artillery locating radar".

Diehl Company from Germany headed by its representative Mr. Jorge Rillona shows how Philippine Army can protect our airspace at a lower cost.

"We carry eight missiles in one truck, whereas an aircraft couldn't carry this many missiles with that capability. Maybe just two, so its a lower cost way of providing immediate source of protection in the Philippine air space from any military threats or even terrorist".

Also shown in the exhibit is the M-71 towed artillery system that the Philippines bought from Israel.

Six units of M-71 is expected to be delivered this year.

"Its called M-71, its a 155 millimeter towed artillery already under procurement by the Philippine Army. They are going to get six guns. This has been produced and sold to several countries already." said Mr. Ofer Curiel, Israeli Elbit Systems representative.

The exhibit aims to show the modernize weapons that the AFP has that can be used in protecting the sovereignty of the country.

According to exhibit organizer Captain Edbert Abringe of the Army Artillery Regiment:

"We need to invest in these kinds of weapon system for us to have a very good chance of surviving the war and probably winning it".

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