Wednesday, June 1, 2016

President Aquino led the commisioning of the Navy's newly acquired floating assets on its 118th anniversary

President Benigno Aquino III attended his last major military event as the Armed Forces of the Philippines commander in chief which was the 118th founding anniversary of the Philippine Navy.

In the event, President Aquino as well as the Philippine Navy are very proud when the first, newest and biggest landing dock vessel called Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas (BRP) Tarlac (LD 601) is commissioned. 

"Compared to our first ships, this is much faster, more reliable and can transport more people and cargoes. This can help the service of the Philippine Navy well" said the President.

With the size of the vessel, it can transport 500 military personnel aside from the ship crew, cargoes and military vehicles.

It can also house three helicopters.

The personnel of the Philippine Navy have been wishing for this capacity long before which can be utilized both for military naval operations and floating command and control especially in times of disaster.

Meanwhile, three landing craft heavy vessels acquired from Australia are also commissioned. These are called BRP Waray (LC 288), BRP Iwak (LC 289) and BRP Agta (LC 290). The three landing crafts cost 270 million pesos.

This is part of the pledge of the Australian government to the Philippines after the onslaught of typhoon Yolanda in the country.

The first two landing craft heavy were already donated in 2014.

Philippine Navy Flag-Officer-in-Command Vice Admiral Caesar Taccad said it is more necessary to intensify the capacity of the navy now than before to address the problems of maritime dispute in the West Philippine Sea.

"The need for our country to bring more focus to territorial defense is more pronounced than ever, a need which we have to answer to even while we are addressing our internal security problems. Our commander-in-chief once said, what is ours is ours. Sir, rest assured that your navy will abide by its duty to defend and protect what is rightfully ours".

Vice Admiral Taccad also thanked the Aquino administration for prioritizing the AFP Modernization Program. 

"Under your leadership, the navy saw an unprecedented momentum in the upgrade of our capability since the modernization program started. Year after year, we saw the outpouring of support as our government acquired more and more assets, platforms, and hardware to boost our navy's capability".

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  1. I find it very weird how indonesia has already built the brp tarlac and now building another one that is almost ready to be fitted out while japan has just created one MRRV which is compared to the Tarlac-class bigger than the Parola-class