Monday, October 24, 2016

Philippine Air Force receives C-130T, US believes that partnership with PH remains strong

US ambassador to the Philippines Philipp Goldberg is one of the guests at the turn over ceremony and blessing of a C-130T aircraft.

In his speech, he says that in spite of the changes; the commitment of the United States to the Philippines will be the same.

He believes that the essence of Philippine-US partnership is evident in the modernization program of AFP.

“Quite a bit has happened since then, quite a bit has change since then but one thing hasn’t change and that is the United States commitment to the Philippines and people of the Philippines remains as strong as ever”.

Goldberg hopes that the relationship of the two countries will continue.

“Procurement or co-investment, the pooling of our assets, our money, our talent that’s what partnership is all about we for our part hope to continue to build upon this kind of cooperation”.

Defense secretary Delfin Lorenzana thanked Goldberg for his contribution.

He also says the AFP will not forget the big role of the US ambassador in the Philippines.

“Rest assured that you will be remembered by the armed forces and the defense department for your service for the Philippines, we wish you good luck for your next posting”.

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