Tuesday, November 22, 2016

PhilippineNavy conduct Island Defense Exercise

Philippine Navy conducted an island defense exercise dubbed as "Exercise Pagsisikap".

More than 300 sailors, marines and reservist participated in the exercise at the naval base in Ternate, Cavite.

This is to further enhance their inter-operability skills in unexpected scenarios or events.

The exercise simulated an 'island re-taking' scenario using various floating assets of the navy such as LPDs and fast crafts that are essential in troop insertion.

“In case an island was occupied by a hostile force, We have to retake it at all cost. That is the concept of the Exercise Pagsisikap”
. said commodore Albert Mogol.

Naval Reservist also had the chance to learn about naval tactics and doctrines from their counterparts.

According to Captain Benito of the Philippine Navy, They need to train our reservist because they are the base for expansion in the event of war and in other national emergencies like humanitarian assistance and disaster response.

The exercise also aims to show the commitment of the Philippine Navy in protecting the archipelago from lawless maritime elements as well as maintaining peace and stability.

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